Troubleshooting & FAQ’s

How do I set the Thank You Page of the Lead Rocket page after someone optins?

This is all setup with your autoresponder service. This is setup when you are creating your forms.

I get an error from my Autoresponder Service saying Fields are Missing

This happens when you copy the CSS code with your form. Be sure to have your CSS turned off and just use the basic HTML forms

Please see steps 8 & 9 above *

I don’t see the Lead Rocket Icon on the Editor of the Wordpress Page

Please refer back to Part 2 Step # 1.* If you’re on the Visual tab and still do not see the Lead Rocket Icon, then you have a conflict with another plugin or the theme you are using.

You will need to deactivate the plugins one by one to find out where the conflict is coming from.

We’ve only seen a handful of plugins that cause this conflict.

All I See Is a Black Box when I publish my Page?

This happens when you don’t have your autoresponder code copied into the page. Please see Steps 8 & 9 above. *

There’s an Optin Form Below the Black Box

This happens when the autoresponder code is pasted into the Text After Optin section.

Please see steps 8 & 9 for complete instructions. *


*Refer to the training manual for help and instructions on setting up


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